Striking custom hotel fit outs

Elegant hotel furnishings for the ultimate in design

Allow us to take your vision and bring it to life with stylish hotel furnishings set to leave a lasting impression.

In this competitive industry, hotel furnishings and overall fit out can make all the difference to a business’s success. Expectations are climbing, and savvy guests care about a hotel’s aesthetic appeal. Careful curation and elegant design go a long way to seeing more guests through your door—and more guests returning.

Our portfolio includes major hotel chains such as Hilton
and Sheraton.

We understand what is required to ensure your hotel furnishings set you apart from your competitors and feel warm, inviting and comfortable for your guests. Allow us to characterise your spaces with elegance and ambiance whilst ensuring they remain robust and functional. 

We approach each space uniquely while pulling them together with an overall theme. We are directed entirely by your vision while guiding you with our recommendations based on years of experience and expertise.

We provide complete installation and project management to accompany our unparalleled hotel fit outs and pride ourselves on working to suit any budget. From smaller boutique properties and motels through to sprawling resorts and chain hotels, we have worked with hundreds of hoteliers to deliver innovative and original designs. With our comprehensive fit out and hotel furnishing packages, you will enjoy exceptional care and service from the outset. We’ll take charge of all stages of the process, so you can focus on those other all-important aspects of getting your hotel operational. Our incomparable after-care service sees our friendly team checking in with you again after we’ve finished installation to ensure everything is how you expected.

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supplies Hotel Interiors offer


Soft furnishings
Manchester and linen
Rugs and décor items

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